Adrian Clark


Adrian serves as Chief Executive Officer, a position he recently held at Clark Nanotechnology, which has provided technical services to clients in the US, Europe and Asia such as Atmel, AMI, Infineon, Fairchild Semiconductor since 2004.

Adrian brings over 33 years of expertise in Advanced Technology Engineering and Manufacturing, working in wafer fabrication equipment engineering, process engineering, product development, as well as device and systems testing. His experience covers a broad spectrum of technologies, including work in Hybrid Solar power generation, LED and Photovoltaic device development and manufacturing, and recently, deployment of micro-grid solar solutions in South Africa.

Adrian has held senior technical and management positions with Intel, Motorola, RCA, Hyundai Semiconductor and Aixtron, and has led multi-national teams engaged in product development of advanced technologies, as well as leading large scale project deployments.

Adrian has served as an adviser to various government agencies in the USA, Europe, and Africa on infrastructure development and commercial investments

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